Since OPSWAT first introduced Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR) in 2014, the demand for that cybersecurity technology has grown rapidly. In fact, recent reports estimate the demand for CDR will continue to grow in double digits, with the highest growth coming in North America, with companies adopting the cloud for their operations and services, and among small and medium-sized enterprises. According to a report released by Research and Markets, “The increasing need to protect data from ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and zero-day attacks; and the growing number of malware and file-based attacks are supposed to be the primary drivers of the content disarm and reconstruction market.”

For all the growing interest in Deep CDR, I am still surprised at the number of CISOs and other professionals in this field that do not quite understand the concepts behind it and thus are missing out on a key defense that will help improve their organization’s cybersecurity posture. To address this, OPSWAT Academy has released a multitude of cybersecurity training courses on this topic, from the “Deep CDR explained in one minute” introduction lesson that quickly explains basic CDR concepts; to the lessons that expand on those concepts, explain the meaning of “Deep” in Deep CDR, and show how CDR works in conjunction with other cybersecurity technologies; to lessons that describe how the technology is used in common file transmission flows like email, web browsing, file upload services, and file storage systems.

Where can you take these cybersecurity courses and acquire all this great information? The “one-minute” introduction is available at our video library and on the OPSWAT YouTube channel; the other cybersecurity training courses are available 24/7 through OPSWAT Academy, and almost all the courses are free. Sign up at OPSWAT Academy today to learn about Deep CDR and other leading-edge cybersecurity technologies as well as fundamental concepts in Critical Infrastructure Protection.