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GCS Cyber Security Assessment

Organizations are under continual pressure to protect themselves from Cyber threats. The Cybersecurity challengers exploit vulnerabilities by conducting ethically and process-driven cyber risk assessments. This helps organizations to enable security and compliance in order to protect valuable information.

At the same time, the requirements of compliance adherence are also demanded by different countries and vendor companies. ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST, etc. These are the standards and guidelines to ensure your information assets are well protected by appropriately implementing IT security controls.

With GCS Cybersecurity Services in the Middle East and Globally, you can Assess your IT infra & meet compliance requirements to protect your data.

We are Software Asset Management Expert Flexera middle East

GCS Skill Matrix


Vulnerability Assessment


  • Carry out internal VA using standard tools
  • Using Manual & automated scanning.
  • Validate vulnerabilities & remove false positives
  • Prepare a report (detailed & executive) – Retesting (within 1 month)

Penetration Testing


  • Carry out penetration testing exercise for the given IP/Scope
  • Find out vulnerabilities that can be exploited
  • Collect findings and evidence
  • Prepare a report (Detailed and Executive)
  • Retesting (within 1 month)

Phishing Exercise


  • Set up environment and scenarios.
  • Carry out phishing activity based on different scenarios
  • Collect findings and evidence
  • Prepare a report (Recommendation and Executive)

Red Teaming

  • Understand the IT landscape and security requirements.
  • Carry out a review of configuration parameters to find misconfiguration that can be misused
  • Prepare a report (Recommendation and Executive)

Application Audit

It provides a view of how secure are the applications. The proper functioning of the web, mobile and desktop applications ensure the smooth operations of the business.

– Review the application vulnerabilities.

Code Review

  • Gather source code to be reviewed
  • Use standard tools & technology to find hidden issues in the code
  • Collect findings and evidence
  • Prepare a report (Recommendation and Executive)

Web Application Audit

  • We will find and locate vulnerabilities you may not be able to find yourself as we have years of experience when testing websites.
  • Advice will be given through reporting on how you can ‘harden’ your website setup to prevent attacks in the future.
  • Getting your website security tested will increase your knowledge of how attacks are possible, and therefore how to defend against them

Mobile App Testing


  • Gather source code to be reviewed.
  • Use standard tools and technology to find hidden issues in the code.
  • Collect findings and evidence.
  • Prepare a report (Recommendation and Executive)

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