Introduction: Schedule seamless online meetings with the Microsoft Teams and Zoho Bookings integration

Online meetings are great, minus the time-consuming tasks you must do beforehand— confirming availability, comparing schedules, creating meeting links, notifying other people, and more. Phew!

Your business would immensely benefit from a better way to schedule meetings.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams as your video conferencing app, then integrating it with scheduling software like Zoho Bookings will help you save time and automatically create meeting links.

By connecting Zoho Bookings and Microsoft Teams, you can:

– Schedule your availability based on your Outlook calendar(s). 

– Create a unique Microsoft Teams meeting link for every meeting that gets booked.

– Automate calendar events with the meeting links. 

– Send automatic email notifications and reminders with Microsoft Teams meeting links.

Here’s how you can connect Teams with Zoho Bookings.

How integrating your Microsoft Teams account with Zoho Bookings helps

1. Ease of scheduling for your team

If your business has subscribed to Microsoft 365 for team collaboration, then the integration makes connecting team member accounts with Zoho Bookings simple.

Once they set up their Outlook calendar inside Zoho Bookings, a Microsoft Teams link will automatically be added to the synced calendars and email notifications whenever someone schedules a meeting.

Team scheduling tip: You can assign multiple team members to a single meeting type and let them get booked in a round-robin.

2. Access meetings from your calendar

By integrating Zoho Bookings with Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Teams, your meetings are synced and updated in the respective dashboards.

Without opening multiple apps, you can simply start your meetings directly from your calendar or your Zoho Bookings dashboard.

3. Steadfast business growth

The Microsoft Teams integration with Zoho Bookings ensures that you simplify your scheduling process and do not miss out on business opportunities in time-consuming back-and-forth conversations with potential customers.

4. Add more credibility to your meetings

One million businesses around the world use Microsoft Teams as their video conferencing app. If you’re meeting with someone whose business also uses MS Teams, then you get to strike a credible impression with the Teams meeting link.

5. Offer great customer experience

Providing a good meeting experience begins way before the actual meeting with your client. It’s important for a business to provide a hassle-free experience right from the moment you initiate the conversation for a meeting.

The Microsoft Teams integration with Zoho Bookings will ensure you provide a seamless customer experience to schedule meetings.

The simpler it is for your customers, clients, or partners to meet with you, the easier it gets to overcome delays

The integration is available in the free, basic, and premium plan of Zoho Bookings.

Author: Ela