2020 brought some fantastic guests to To the Point Cybersecurity podcast. Eric and I review our top 10 guests, Letterman style in this Episode 114

2020 Podcast Round Up — Carolyn and Eric’s Top 10 – Ep. 114

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And without further ado, here’s the Top 10 episodes of 2020:

10. Filling the Cybersecurity Talent Gap with George Randle

In our modern business landscape, the war for talent is more complex than ever. You need to attract and retain the best talent for your organization to win, but without the right strategy or mindset, you won’t be able to compete. If your revenue is declining, you’re losing market share to your competition, or your organizational health is deteriorating, it’s time to evolve how you approach this never-ending war. After all, your PEOPLE-not your product or service-are your strongest competitive advantage. Applying the logic of “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent”  to the cybersecurity job market.

9. Why We Should Care About DevSecOps with Derek Weeks

 This one surprised me, I thought it would be boring, it wasn’t. Derek Weeks is a huge advocate of applying proven supply chain management principles into DevSecOps practices. It’s designed to improve efficiencies, reduce security risks, and sustain long-lasting competitive advantages.

8. The Crisis CIO with Dave McDonald Part 1 &  Part 2

 Challenges the CIO is facing in the “new normal” created by COVID19, we talk with David McDonald, Navy Telecommunications, Information Technology and Cyber Operations, CIO. We followed up in episodes 3 & 4,  eight months later.

7. Nation State Hacks with Bob Bigman

 Bob Bigman, was a 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency. His final term there was working as the CISO, Chief Information Security Officer. He’s seen it all and he talks about the state of the adversary. The who, the what, the why they do what they do.

6. RSA Special Edition: The Human Element with Rachel Lyon and Nicolas (Nico) Fischbach RSA’s theme in 2020: Human Element–very telling of what’s important to the industry, we are moving away from point, event solutions to holistic, human centric solutions. Rachael Lyon, surprised us with insight on What it takes for a vendor to put something like RSA that together, how do you do it,  what do you think about it, to make it good for customers, and for other vendors. 

5. Stranger Than Fiction Futurist & Author Peter W. Singer Discusses His New Book Burn-In

Peter has been a favorite of mine for years and his new book, Burn-In is a blend of nonfiction and fiction like never before, sharing research on what is looming in AI, remote work, and tech/cybersecurity futures (which all just got accelerated by CV-19 outbreak), but mixed into a story. Of note, the project was also woven into the CyberSolarium Commission Report, literally being the opening section of it.

4. War, Sabotage, And Fear In The Cyber Age – With NYT Reporter David Sanger –  Part 1 & Part 2

New York Times  reporter, Pulitzer prize winner and bestselling author,  David Sanger discusses his latest book, now an HBO special “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age”, which focuses on cyberwarfare. David gives his list of things we must do when it comes to cyberwarfare and his take on the security of the upcoming elections. 

3. From Quantum Computing To Securing The Upcoming Election

Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer At McAfee, discusses quantum computing, Grobman’s curve, how to prepare for the cyber pandemic, and more. 

2. Securing The Department of Defense Supply Chain, With CISO Katie E. Arrington Part 1 & Part 2
Katherine “Katie” Arrington,  Chief Information Security Officer for Assistant Secretary for Defense Acquisition, gets down to the nitty gritty of CMMC.

1. General Stanley McChrystal: Applying Team of Teams Logic to Cyber 

100th episode with retired, four-star General Stanley McChrystal, discussing his bestselling book “Team of Teams”. The similarities between the landscape he encountered in Iraq and today’s Cyber landscape. How we can apply the lessons and tactics used to defend against Al Qaeda to cyber. This episode will make you think of Cyberwarfare and Cybersecurity in a whole new light.

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