Device42 v17.05.00 includes user interface improvements to make it easier for customers to refine and customize their views of their environment’s infrastructure, updated discovery credential management, and also addresses multiple bug fixes.

Resources Menu Changes

The v17.05.00 Device42 Resources menu includes an option for a new All Devices list page that provides an improved user interface that includes awesome features like advanced search and column selection and manipulation to help you quickly and easily find and display the devices you want. You can still visit the legacy device lists pages in this release before we remove the legacy pages in our next release. Enjoy!

Updated Resources Menu Items

List Pages Column Selection and Arrangement

In Device42 v17.05.00, many of our new list pages let you select and rearrange the columns the pages display and save the column layout to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for. Simply click the gear icon below the Advanced button to customize your view.

Table Columns List

Use the Table Columns drop-down to select the columns you want to include on the page. Click and drag a column header to move the column to a new position.

Click and Drag Column Headers

After you select and arrange the columns, type a name for the view, select either System Default or User Default for the new view (the available options depend on your permission level), and click Save As New.

Save Column Layout

See Arrange and Save List Page Column Layout for more information.

New EMPTY Advanced Search Operator

The Advanced Search feature available on many of our new list pages now supports an EMPTY operator that you can use to filter list contents on empty or non-empty columns to define your searches more precisely. You can use the EMPTY operator with any available column. For example:

hardware = EMPTY or hardware_id = EMPTY or vm_creation_date != EMPTY

See the Advanced Search Feature documentation page for more information.

Updates to Credential Management

We are beginning the process of rolling out ordered credential management to all device discoveries! This will allow users to select the order in which jobs use specific credentials when running.You can order your accounts according to their likelihood of success and Device42 will iterate through them in discovery. Subsequent credentials will then typically happen faster as the most accurate credential is typically tried first, reducing the amount of unsuccessful login attempts. This will also reduce the likelihood of lockouts or other issues associated with attempting invalid credentials. Initial release was for IPMI and Redfish with other discovery methods (SSH, WMI and SNMP among others) coming in later releases.

Credentials for IPMI/Redfish discovery now respect the order in which they are entered

Improved Power Port Availability Capability for Racks

Device42 v17.05.00 now provides information on the number of available power ports for racks in the Room view page and the Room layout canvas to make it easier to see whether a rack has enough open power ports to support racking additional devices.

Room Layout Canvas

Room View Page

Additional SNMP Autodiscovery Device Support

SNMP autodiscovery now supports discovery of the following devices:

  • Aruba CX 6300
  • Extreme Networks BDX8
  • Nokia 7750 SR

Bug Fixes

  • An issue in which a GET devices API call was not correctly returning building information for devices has been resolved.
  • An issue in which racked asset templates did not display correctly when editing a rack layout has been resolved.
  • An issue in which discovery of Isilon storage arrays was not functioning correctly has been resolved.
  • An issue in which device names were not appearing correctly on the Transfer Between Locations page has been resolved.
  • An issue in which the Ping Sweep discovery job API was not working correctly with Admin Group permissions has been resolved.
  • An issue in which the action_for_instance_not_found parameter for the AWS cloud discovery API was not functioning correctly has been resolved.
  • An issue in which Queue Processing Stats were not displayed correctly on the Jobs Dashboard has been resolved.
  • An issue in which custom fields could sometimes not be added or edited has been resolved.
  • An issue in which AS400 discovery would sometimes fail when using the Discover Using FTP option has been resolved.
  • An issue in which storage array discovery sometimes fails when supplied credentials include special characters has been resolved.
  • An issue in which VMware discovery jobs with the Do Not Inherit Object Category option was selected were sometimes not functioning correctly has been resolved. 
  • An issue in which Certificate discovery jobs sometimes appeared not to be completed although the jobs had been completed has been resolved.
  • An issue in which Redfish discovery jobs were sometimes failing has been resolved.
  •  An issue in which discovery of Fortgate HA pairs results in only one device being discovered has been resolved.