Updated Home Page Widgets and New Global Search Feature

The Device42 v17.06.00 home page features our new updated widgets that give you a quick, clean visual look at your environment, making it easier to spot important trends and statistics.

Device42 Home Page

You can click and drag the widgets to arrange them to best suit your needs, and you can also select which widgets you want to see to get the information you want when you want it.

Select Home Page Widgets

The home page also includes an improved Global Search feature that lets you search your whole Device42 environment to find what you need quickly and easily. Just type in your search and click the magnifying glass and Device42 shows you all your results sorted and displayed by category.

Global Search Results

UI Improvements for List Pages and Resources

Device42 v17.06.00 now lets you save column sorting order when you select and arrange columns on list pages. See Arrange and Save List Page Column Layout for more information.

Select Column Sorting

Device42 now also sorts the items displayed in-line on resources properties pages and includes a total count of the number of items in each category.

Resource Properties

New Affinity Group and Business Application Functionality

You can now use a new command on the Affinity Group list page to quickly and easily add multiple affinity groups to an existing or new business application. Simply click up to five affinity groups on the list page and select Add Affinity Groups to Business Application from the Actions menu.

Affinity Group List Page

Select the Business Application you want, or add a new one, and click Add objects to the Business Application.

Add to Business Application Page

The added Affinity Groups are then available on the Business Application canvas.

Business Application Canvas

Discovery Scores Page Enhancement

With v17.06.00, we see the first of many Discovery Score enhancements.The Detailed Summary on every job now includes a new chart layout that makes it easier to quickly see the results of your discovery job. This also gives insights to the specifics of what was searched for and what the potential causes might be for partial failures.  The charts use green, yellow, and red graphics to show the status of the various Discovery and Queue scores.

Discovery Scores Page

Enhanced AWS and MS Azure Cloud Autodiscovery

Our customers are building more agile applications with server-less services and in v17.06.00 cloud autodiscovery now returns results for AWS Lambda and MS Azure Functions. Functions discovery includes the functions application and the functions themselves. For information on how we will license functions, please see our documentation pages.

Resources Menu Devices Consolidation

Device42 v17.06.00 removes our deprecated Compute menu items (All Compute, Cluster, Physical, Virtual) from the Resources menu as we have migrated to our new list page architecture for devices. Select Resources > All Devices to view all your device types.

Resources Menu

Upcoming Main Appliance and Remote Collector Release Cadence Changes

We will be changing the release cadences for the Main Appliance (MA) and Remote Collectors (RCs) beginning with release 17.07.00. We will now release new versions of the full product every six weeks and release upgrades to the RC every two weeks. For RC releases that do not coincide with MA releases, you will have to download the update (from https://www.device42.com/update) and apply it to the Appliance Manager. For releases that do coincide with an MA release, the RC updates will happen automatically when the MA is upgraded.

Releasing RC updates more frequently (every 2 weeks) will help us deliver important discovery updates, feature requests, and other valuable content to you more quickly. With less frequent MA updates, we consolidate our large-scale improvements and provide you with the best product with the lowest level of interruption.