Endpoint Security Solution

Protect your core business against cyberthreats

Complete protection for workstations, servers, and mobile devices

State-of-the-art technologies to defend against ransomware, exploits, and the like.

Complete protection for workstations, servers, and mobile devices

Integrated solutions to protect your end devices

The most sensitive areas of your systems are your employees’ workstations. Where attachments are opened, passwords are entered, and sensitive data is processed. The servers that make connections across the entire network. And smartphones that come and go with your employees every day. This is precisely where our endpoint security solutions protect your company assets.

G_DATA Best Endpoint Security in the Middle East

Defense against cyberattacks

Malware protection

Secure e-mail communication

Policy Management

Gateway Security

The technologies behind our Endpoint Security


Track down criminal hackers faster

Our proprietary DeepRay® technology effectively defends your business against the threat of camouflaged malware using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Easy and central network management

You will immediately find your way around the clearly arranged G DATA Administrator. The intuitive interface allows you to configure clients, control access, and much more.

  • Keep track of the security status of your entire network
  • Add new clients with a few clicks via Active Directory connection
  • Get important security notifications sent to you by e-mail
  • Configure settings for individual clients or entire groups
  • You can have networks managed separately thanks to multi-client capability

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Which solution is right for your company?

The risk

Endpoints as a gateway for cybercriminals

Attacks on the devices your employees work on every day are becoming more frequent and more professional. Endpoint Security from G DATA allows you to minimize the most dangerous risks:

  • Significant financial damage caused by ransomware attacks
  • Theft of sensitive digital data
  • Damage to reputation due to data loss
  • Financial losses due to paralysis of the entire operation
  • Damage caused by sabotage of information and production systems


of German companies were affected by data theft, industrial espionage, or sabotage in the last year.*


223.5billion €

worth of damage is suffered by German companies every year as a result of these attacks.*


*Source: Economic Protection, bitkom 2021 [in German]

Save resources – outsource IT security

Managed Endpoint Security

Outsource your IT security and benefit from the full functionality of our endpoint security solutions. Your G DATA partner will take over all respective tasks for you – from rolling out the antivirus software to configuring the firewall. On-premise or in the cloud as required.

24/7 Support

The service and support team are located in Bochum – right next to the software development team. You can reach our experts at any time by phone or by e-mail, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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